Mar 112014
Drinking in the Health Benefits of Aloe Vera with Taj Foods

In this article, we consider the health benefits of Aloe Vera (drink). Though I was aware of Aloe Vera skin care products and its benefits for external issues such as sunburn, I had not consumed any Aloe Vera based products before. I mainly associated Aloe Vera supplements as a digestive aid but after researching into these consumable products, I can see there are a lot more health benefits on offer!

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Feb 032014
The Health Equation

It is always good to simplify matters and I think that’s especially true for our physical well-being. So here is one (simplified) way of explaining the equation which considers training and recovery… Physical activity + Recovery = Physical Well-being Where: *Physical activity is any form of exercise or training. *Recovery is nutrition and rest. *Physical [...]

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Dec 312013
Improve your posture as you work

Why is posture important for our well-being? Our ‘core’ is basically the mid-sections of our body (everything apart from our legs and arms). Virtually all of our functional movements (in the 3 physical planes) are dependent upon a healthy core. To put it plainly – a weak/unhealthy core, which could result from poor posture, can [...]

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Dec 242013
Combat Christmas Calories

Yes it usually is the “most wonderful time of the year” for many people but there’s no need to throw away months of healthy living for 12 days of over-doing it on the food and drink! Don’t Be a Turkey I love the festive Christmas season and all of the festive food that it brings!! [...]

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