Training Philosophy

When I created LMDFitness.com in 2010, I opted for a simple appearance to the website. This is to reflect the way that I perceive health and fitness.


In other words, there are no shortcuts in life – Work hard, work smart and you will get your results!

What is LMD Fitness?

My aim is simple – encourage others to take ownership of their health and achieve their fitness goals by un-complicating healthy living.

I have over 12 years of fitness training experience and a variety of professional training qualifications (see below).

I quickly found that sharing my passion for healthy living gave me satisfaction and helped me meet some great people from around the world!

Training with LMD Fitness

I currently instruct a weekly Running Club in South Wales, UK. I also offer small group or outdoor personal training sessions. I use a variety of training methods, such as, high intensity interval training, technique drills and functional movement tailored to every individual.

Over time, I have concluded that it is best to be as direct about your health as possible.

Typically, this means:

  1. We each take responsibility for our own state of fitness.
  2. You are what you eat.
  3. You cannot cheat calories: Energy intake = energy expenditure + change in energy stores.
  4. You cannot out-train a bad diet (without getting exhausted or injured!).
  5. Health & Fitness can never be ‘one size fits all’.
  6. Variety is the spice of life (and fitness) – if you don’t get results, make a change.
  7. Training excessively will cause you problems.The bottom line: Healthy living is fun, easy and achievable for everyone!

What are my Achievements?

What have I achieved to show I am serious about healthy living?


  • UK Athletics Running Leader & Running Club Instructor
  • Gym Instructor Level 2 Award
  • Circuits Instructor
  • Spin/Indoor Cycling Instructor
  • R.E.P.S  Level 3 Personal Trainer (CYQ / YMCA)

My Personal Fitness

  • Running:  Marathon PB 02:52:15 / Half Marathon PB 01:14:19 /10k PB 33:39 / 5k PB 15:52
  • Body:  Maintain 10% body fat or lower and resting heart rate of 50 beats per minute or lower.

These are just stats and the way for me to demonstrate my passion is by bringing you great content on LMD Fitness and delivering effective fitness training in person.

*I completed my personal trainer course with Discovery Learning. This credible provider gives me confidence that I have trained to acquire the essential and relevant health and fitness knowledge that I need to train others safely, effectively and uniquely!

What Kind of Physique Appeals?

More importantly is what’s going on inside my body? A reflection of my healthy lifestyle I hope!

Whilst a lean and functional physique happens to be a nice by-product of living healthily and training effectively, I think we should all be proud of our bodies regardless – it’s vital to support your healthy lifestyle with solid self-esteem.

I aim to keep myself in lean, functional and masculine shape.

LMD Fitness – Train the Rule Free Way!

As mentioned above, I base LMD Fitness methods upon simplicity. Strict diets or calorie counting can be boring and restrictive. Yes, they work for some people in the short term but I believe that if I can stay in shape without these rules then so can everybody! My lifestyle is not perfectly healthy. I lead a balanced lifestyle, that is shaped by real life and all of its interruptions, including a full time job. Most importantly, I have discovered and developed the ‘Rule Free’ fitness tools that give me flexibility and enable me to have a more balanced and happy lifestyle.

With life becoming increasingly frantic, healthy living does not need to be complicated or scientific. I know how precious time is to everyone. I want LMD Fitness to benefit you by offering simple, flexible, health and fitness tips and suggestions without taking up too much of your personal time.

Here is a Little More of My Story…

Once upon a time I was in bad shape! I ‘found’ the joy of running and healthy living. As many people find, losing weight made me much happier with my outward appearance and gave me confidence. Now at 6ft3′ tall with a lean build, it’s hard to believe I was unhealthy and overweight.

I always enjoyed sport but was diagnosed with asthma, and growing up as a studious kid in the computer generation, who ate too much of the wrong food, this greed and poor lifestyle could not be undone without changing my habits.

With a bit of inspiration from movie idol Bruce Lee along the way,  I started turning my life around. I left the excess fat and constantly poor diet choices behind, and my asthma also disappeared! Ever since, there has been no turning back. Like most things in life – all it took was a little inspiration and lots of effort!

From my own journey, I believe that everyone can find a happy balance through healthy lifestyle choices. Spending your life obsessing about fitness is not the way to do it! We should integrate fitness and health into our everyday living so that it complements who we are.

Please feel free to contact me directly with any questions or comments.

Please always consult the relevant qualified medical practitioner before acting upon any exercise or nutrition tips or plans.

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